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There are a number of reasons why the drains leading from the kitchen sink can get blocked but the most common reason may surprise people.  Often times, fats and oils end up going down the kitchen sink and because they are in liquid form, people don’t think they will cause a problem.  But the truth is quite different.

The reason that fats in particularly can cause problems is that once in the drainage system, then solidify on the pipes and can then reduce the space available for waste to drain away.  Over time, other debris will accumulate beside it and suddenly, the kitchen sink stops draining away.  When you call out the plumber dealing with blocked drains from Airdrie, he will usually be able to manually remove the blockage with special equipment but sometimes a CCTV investigation is needed to establish where in the system the blockage is before it can be remedied.

So one way to reduce the callouts of that expert is to avoid putting fats down the kitchen sink.  It can also pay to have the drains regularly serviced to ensure a build up doesn’t start and end up causing a very unpleasant return of rubbish to the kitchen when you least expect it.

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Fixed price £88

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