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The causes of blocked drains in Bearsden and around the country can be varied and sometimes a little weird.  Take the example of one drains company who in 2008 found the cause of a blocked drain was a pig who had found its way into the sewage system!

More common though slightly less noisy causes of blocked drains can be mobile phones.  How many people have dropped their phone down the toilet, flushed before they realised and watched the phone vanish?  Trouble is, these phones don’t go too far and can cause a real problem blockage when they do hit a section of pipe that they can’t pass through.  So one of the increasingly common problems for plumbers are lost and stuck mobile phones.

Another issue can be cat litter.  Lots of these products are sold as flushable and are designed to go down the toilet but other types aren’t and if people do flush this litter, it can quickly cause problems.  Heavy and absorbent, it sits in the bottom of pipes and causes and obstruction with other debris piling up with it.  Before long, nothing much is getting through and all the other content of the toilet is coming back into the bathroom – nasty!

So watch out for what goes down the toilet and keep an eye on any pigs in the area – if there’s a blockage, they may be to blame after all!

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