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Of all the places to have a blocked drain, probably one of the worst is the bathroom – there’s some things you never want to see again!  But what causes bathroom drains to become blocked and what can you do to help avoid the situation?

One of the top causes of bathroom blocked drains in Bellshill is due to items going down the toilet that shouldn’t.  sometimes this can be accidents like someone dropping and flushing their mobile phone while other times it might be the kids being mischievous!  More commonly it is items such as cotton wool pads and balls that shouldn’t be flushed – these clog up the drains and accumulate other debris, leading to a full scale blockage.  Babies nappies, face wipes and even hair grips can all cause problems.  Even flushing too much toilet paper at a time can cause an issue despite it being designed to flush away.

If you think you may have a blockage, then getting a plumber out quickly is key.  If the water from the toilet isn’t draining away as quickly as it should, this can be a sign.  If toilet paper doesn’t flush away or returns after a few moments, this too can be a sign of a problem.  Calling out a plumber can get the blockage cleared before the worst happens and the unpleasant contents of the drains returns to the bathroom!

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