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Ask an expert in blocked drains in Bishopbriggs what causes a kitchen drain to block and the most common answer is that people do.  This is because we can all be careless about what we put down the kitchen sink and don’t realise the problems that this can cause down the line.

Grease and oil are the top culprits – they may be liquid when we put them down the sink but they don’t stay that way.  They quickly solidify and then start to accumulate other debris that comes down the drain leading to a blockage.  One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to avoid putting oils and fats down the sink.  But also look at the content of plates when you rinse them – if there is a high amount of oil or fats, consider letting it harden then scrapping it into the bin instead.  Alternatively, if you have flushed a lot of this waste, send some cold water down immediately afterwards – this causes is to solidify as it moves and reduces the chance it will cling to the drains.

You can always tell when a kitchen drain isn’t working to its peak – the water drains away slowly and there can be some strange sounds.  When you see these signs, get in touch with a drains expert immediately to get the problem solved before it worsens and leads to a full scale blockage.

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