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Do you know what to look for that may indicate your drain are blocked?  Can you understand the message that your drains are telling you when a problem is building up?  Spotting a problem before it becomes a full scale blockage can save a lot of money and trouble because blocked drains in Bothwell can cause significant damage to a house.

One of the most common signs of a blocked drain is a sulphurous smell.  This comes from trapped and rotting debris in the drains that then follows the pipes back into the house.  If you smell something strange around your drains, then a blockage may be building up.

Poor draining sinks is another classic sign that a blocked drain is in the offing.  When debris such as grease or fat in a kitchen sink solidifies then this causes a blockage that other debris sticks to.  This further restricts the available room in the pipe and stops water draining away.  If the water in the sink doesn’t vanish in a quick and even manner when you pull the plug, then you may have a problem.

A similar phenomenon is seen in the toilet – when the water doesn’t flow away properly and the level of water in the toilet bowl becomes dangerously high.  Toilets can block from too much toilet paper or the wrong type of products allowed to be flushed.  If the toilet system becomes blocked, the toilet could overflow into the bathroom with disastrous results.

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