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Most of us don’t spend a massive amount of time thinking about our drains.  They exist to do a job and most of the time, they do this without any interference from us.  However, sometimes we don’t care about our drains enough or think about what we put down them.  And this is when blocked drains in Busby and around the country can become a real problem.

Spotting the warning signs can help stave off disaster.  For example, a sink or toilet doesn’t drain away properly or there are strange noises.  An odd smell comes from the drains, sulphurous in nature.  Both of these are signs of blockage – the former as the pipes have reduced flow due to the blockage and the latter due to rotting waste in the pipes.

Gurgling noises are another indicator that your drains need some professional help.  This happens when the water proceeds through debris and causes strange sounds.  It can happen in both kitchen and bathroom sinks, baths and even from shower cubicles.

If you hear, see or smell any of the signs of a potentially blocked drain, it is best to get someone to check it out quickly.  Backed up toilets, overflowing sinks or even broken pipes can be a major disaster if left untreated and can lead to a serious amount of damage to the property.

Please feel free to contact Blocked Drain Glasgow for more information on our drainage services in Busby.

Blockage cleared with bare hands

Fixed price £45

Blockage cleared with jetting machine

Fixed price £88

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