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Blocked Drains Glasgow provides drainage services to to the Paisley area.

Ask five people about who is responsible for what part of the drainage system running to your house and you will get five different options – none of whom may even be right!  Under the newest regulations, the rule is this – the drains on your property are your responsibility until they reach the main drains.  Once the main drains are reached then they are the responsibility of the utilities company.

What this means is that if there is a leak or a blockage within your boundaries, then the responsibility for fixing it is most likely yours.  It may be that the cause of the problem comes from the main drains but you will likely need an expert in blocked drains from Paisley to come and look at this.

Drains experts use two main methods to find the problem – the old fashioned by hand method with specialist drain clearing equipment and if this fails, CCTV camera exploration techniques.  The latter involves sending a tiny camera down the drains to investigate what and where the problem is and is used when the traditional methods fail to solve the problem.

Therefore when looking for a drains expert, ensure that they can cover both of these methods in case they are needed, rather than seeking out one company then needing a second if they come up blank.

Please feel free to contact Blocked Drain Glasgow for more information on our drainage services in Paisley.

Blockage cleared with bare hands

Fixed price £45

Blockage cleared with jetting machine

Fixed price £88

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